Was Jesus an extrovert?

Jesus seems like an extrovert, doesn’t he? From young, he was able to talk to the teachers of the law in the temple. When he was 33 years old, he began his ministry by calling his 1st disciples, & went everywhere preaching to large crowds of people, gaining disciples & followers. And also doubters.

Jesus preaching

In summary, he seems to be great at interaction. And that’s what extroverts excel in, right? Therefore, to be like Jesus, we all have to be extroverts? Or is passion mistaken for extroversion?

In my church, for 2015, we are focusing a lot on evangelism. We have a lot of evangelistic events planned, & are “encouraged” to bring new friends. Last year this was also in effect (obviously, to fulfill the Great Commission), but it wasn’t emphasised. Even if it was, I didn’t care. Yeah. I was a crazy young immature Christian at this time, last year.

Until I was shaken by the shoulders and awoken by God’s rebuking in October 2014. I realised the importance of my faith. That I am a sinner, and I was going to burn in the ‘fiery lake of burning sulfur’ (Revelation 21:8) unless I repent and seek God.

Now I don’t know what’s with the sulfur, like why not a lake of burning phosphorus, but yeah moving on.

I accepted God’s gift of salvation. And I realised the importance of evangelism. But first, I needed to establish fellowship with my brothers & sisters in Christ, whom I realised I am going to be with them for eternal life, here and in heaven. For if I don’t even know the members of my own church, how do I expect to welcome new friends? It’s possible, but weird. I hope you feel me.

I have been working on it. I started with the people in my church, for I do not know them very well still, even after 3 years. I go out of my comfort social circle to talk to people, albeit not so well. I started having an interest in people. When I sit in church, I am just generally happy knowing that all of us believers will be saved by God’s grace.

Which builds my foundation for evangelizing. That this nonbeliever, invited to church, has the chance to hear the good news & believe. It’s awesome.

So I understand the importance of talking to new friends & welcoming them. And I want to do it. But as I interact more with bros & sis & new friends, it got me thinking, do I have to become an extrovert?

Because it is so TIRING. And DRAINING. I am an introvert at heart, but I’m turning into an extrovert. One day I broke down praying about this. My heart couldn’t take it anymore.

Do I have to be an extrovert to become a better Christian? A better Evangelist? Better at fulfilling the Great Commission? (Matthew 28:16-20)

Realise that I am looking into the common meaning of ‘extrovert’ and ‘introvert’, which are:

Extrovert meaningIntrovert meaning

Caption: Taken from my good friend, Google.

Not the Psychology meaning of,

  • Extrovert: a person who is energized by being around other people.
  • Introvert: a person who is energized by being alone and whose energy is drained by being around other people.

So, back to the question. Do I have to be an extrovert to become a better Christian? A better Evangelist? Better at fulfilling the Great Commission?

Well, to answer this we have to ask another question first, which was actually the title of this post. Was Jesus an extrovert? We will have to look at Jesus to answer the question.

The answer is yes and no. Jesus was not an extrovert, but he was extremely passionate in what he was called to do. In fact, wholeheartedly passionate. Because he was both human and divine. “The divine cannot be confined by human constructs, though he had personality due to personhood.”

His passion caused him to appear like an extrovert, preaching the good news to the masses and eating with sinners. But he was also an introvert, taking time alone to pray. (Mark 1:35)

Many blogs say that Jesus is the perfectly balanced ambivert. Here is a post I find worth your time to read if you’re interested: https://joshuapegram.wordpress.com/2013/11/07/was-jesus-an-introvert/

In conclusion, remember the passion, remember why you are evangelizing, and also remember to be an introvert. Because our God is the holy God who deserves all glory, and remember we are not alone in this, because we can do everything through Christ who gives us strength.

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Reading: A Dying Trend

Let’s face it; we’re reading less.

I’ll let you in on something only my parents know about me. When I was younger, I read books in the shower. Yeah. No kidding. I don’t do the thing where people read books on the toilet and get numb legs, surprisingly, it’s weird to me. But I read books in the shower. Like that’s not weird at all.

I seriously liked reading when I was younger. Around the age of 7-12. You might be thinking, “How does she read in the shower?” Well, I’ll place my book on the metal contraption which my water probably comes out from, and hope that it doesn’t fall to the ground, which would mean FATALITY.

Shower cartoon

Yeah. It’s something like the knobs in the picture, except there is a metal shelf-like contraption connecting the 2 knobs, and I can place my book there.

Judge me all you want, I don’t mind. 😀 I google searched “reading books in the shower”, and I discovered that many people are like me as well! Here’s to all the weird kids who read in the shower!

The books I read were for leisure. Fiction and non-fiction included. I especially liked reading my science textbooks & books about countries of the world. And I remember getting some studying done in the shower too haha. Good times.

Does it surprise you that reading non-fiction can be a form of leisure? It certainly surprised a few of my friends.

It was a form of leisure for me because I wanted to acquire knowledge about topics I was interested in. (ie. science and countries)

However, now I am 17 years old, and it’s not. It’s not a form of leisure anymore. At least, to a certain extent.

I feel pressured. That now I am perceived as a mature individual, and I have to know facts about my course of study as a student and current world affairs by reading newspapers. I have to study so that I can write a report/complete a project/regurgitate answers on paper during exams, I have to read newspapers to know about current world affairs. The problem here is that I have to. And that makes me not “feel” like doing it.

The “it” here referring to reading.

And I can’t read fiction anymore. Because there are too many other “more important” things to read and do.

The Rise of Social Media: The Disguised Distraction

Social media is

In fact, actually, writing this post has reminded me of all the “more important” things I have to do. “More important” than writing. I would continue on writing about social media but I can’t. Maybe next time. This is the result of the increasingly hectic lifestyles we live. That now I will stop writing here.

I am gonna do my reports now. Ciao.

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Be thankful for your next church activity

“For every activity, there are planners, who are people.”

A week ago, I was added into a WhatsApp group titled “BIBLE QUIZ TEAM”, and apparently I had been chosen to organise and lead a “bible quiz” for our next fellowship meeting, in 2 weeks. We were a team though, consisting of my fellow 2 team members, and the 3 seniors who chose us for this.

And my first reaction was this: “WHAT WHY AM I CHOSEN FOR THIS WHAT IS THIS what”


Because let me introduce to you the context: I am one of the youngest in this fellowship group, in age and church attendance. I have been going to church for 3 years now, whereas most people in my age group have been in the faith since young. And all of us, coming from Sunday school, we have only just joined this fellowship group this year, meaning everyone is older than us.

So how am I supposed to lead people who are older than me in this little bible quiz activity? It may seem little to you, but oh! I have to stand in front of the crowd, and talk, and get them to listen to me, and participate in this activity. And all the prep work that is required beforehand, such as powerpoint slides, sourcing for questions. Oh, and I have to make the quiz a “fun experience”.

Great. I am not a funny person at heart. In fact, most people in the church will describe me as serious. Or even, too serious. So this is just perfect. Just the right person chosen to lead this bible quiz. (much sarcasm)

Oh and FYI, one of my team members is MIA (overseas), so it’s up to me and my fellow sister in Christ. And next week (the bible quiz Sunday), she will be overseas. She was actually supposed to lead the quiz and do all the talking. But because she won’t be around…

I have to do it! Oh no! And I thought I could just sit in the background and click powerpoint. Haha.

And now, as I am staying up planning for this quiz, (and writing this post), I realised something. The amount of effort it takes to plan an activity, and carry it out. It is A LOT.

For example, this bible quiz. I have to plan how the quiz is to be carried out (split into two teams, teams pick a category listed on the screen with the question), source for questions & answers, categorise the questions, liaise with my group mates on my idea, incorporate variations (charades as part of the quiz), make sure the quiz is not too long/short, and on the day itself, lead the quiz.

It made me realise: For every activity you attend in church, there was planning involved. From Sunday church service to bible study classes to that cell group outing or that Sunday school camp. Someone, or a group of people, had to plan that activity, so that you could be involved in it. They had invested their time and effort, and it couldn’t have been very easy. Applicable to anywhere, not just church. If you have planned something, you would probably know what I’m talking about.

So in conclusion, be grateful, and maybe just take a minute of your time to thank that person leading the activity, if you know who it is, and pray for them/him/her.

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Holy Matrimony

3 days ago, I attended a wedding. It was lovely. There was the bride, groom & many people. The couple said their vows (in Mandarin), and people clapped & cheered. Everyone then proceeded downstairs for a buffet. The food was very well catered, especially the dessert section. (but that’s besides the point) Below is a photo I took of the exciting occasion. I hope they don’t mind me posting this haha.


Ok, I’ll tell you something. This is the 1st wedding I have attended, that I was fully aware it was a wedding. Now you may ask, what do you mean for this wedding you were fully aware? Does that mean in the past you didn’t know you were at a wedding? And I will have to say yes to that. Yes, that in the past I didn’t know it was a wedding. I didn’t know what a wedding meant.

I thought it was just some high-end event where two people would say “I do” and live together in a residential property. And for that to happen, they have to invite a lot of people & cater food for them to eat, in a swanky big hotel ballroom.

I didn’t realise it was about love. That the two people were in love with each other. But now I do.

After they said their vows, bride and groom each had to give a speech. And the groom said something along the lines of this:

“And I’m really glad for her, because you know I am, sometimes not very focused on God, like sometimes I will want to do this or that, but then she will redirect my focus back to God; She wants this marriage to be focused on God, and I’m just very thankful for that.”

Ok I will say this again, it went something along the lines of that. These are not the actual words of the groom. I am writing this from memory, so if I said anything wrong I’m sorry for the misunderstanding…

So anyway, point is, at that point of time, I was surprised. Yes, that was my 1st emotion. Because I never realised how one person could want to support another person so much, how one had the desire to grow in her own spiritual life, and also help the other grow spiritually as well? I realised, that by being present in that sanctuary, meant that I was witnessing a man & a woman committing themselves to each other for life, and when they are committing to each other with a purpose of walking with God, it is a very beautiful thing. 🙂 (Realise that spiritual life is very important to me)

So my surprise lasted for one second, then the happiness for them started to fill my heart & we all clapped as the groom finished his speech. (Either that or the groom hadn’t finished his speech, and I just sat there grinning like an idiot.)

And at that point of time, I realised what love is. Then I wondered to myself, will I ever experience that kind of love? Because I have experienced someone liking me back before, but he was a non-Christian. Sigh, will I ever experience that kind of love where the opposite gender falls in love with me, & wants to walk together with me, in my spiritual life, for life?

Then I realised. I have experienced this sort of love. God loves me! My Father in the heavens loves me! What more could I ask of? All the grace He has showed and dispensed, what a blessing it is to be His child. (this is where my testimony comes in place, if you meet me in person I would most likely share it with you)

So then, when you have faith in the Lord, and when you’re least expecting it, God will give you a soulmate, whom you can grow spiritually with together. Then a holy matrimony will take place in your life. (if it’s God’s will) First, have a holy matrimony with God. 🙂

For your Maker is your husband—
    the Lord Almighty is his name…  (Isaiah 54:5)


To end off, after the wedding, there were these tiny bottles on the reception table that you could bring home as a small token. In fact, they were made by the bride & groom themselves. The bottles were filled with mustard seeds (some have scrolls & shiny sequins; see above), and there was this quote on the side of the table, I believe it is a bible verse.

Faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you. -Matthew 17:20

What a timely reminder from such a cute little token. May be small & nice to look at, but holds such a strong message behind it. May you be encouraged by the Lord’s word & grace today & everyday to come!

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What is Christianity?

Now, before I began posting posts about God & Jesus & the Bible, I realise I first need to talk about the whole meaning behind this truth. What is Christianity?

Ok, I’m not exactly some great intellectual that can write about Christianity based on my intellect. So I will write based on God’s intellect, which is the bible. And also some base reference from a website (it’s the 21st century, yo), so we just have to hope the info is accurate. Most probably is tho, the address ends with .org . Ok I’m joking, sorry about that.

So yeah, if you want to you can just head over to the website right now, the link is below. (And no this is not some hidden site I had to do extensive research to find, as the typical not-so-hardworking student I typed into google “what is christianity”. And clicked on the 1st search result. Yes I am your typical lazy human, I never said I was good at this)

So yes you can head over there, but if you’re interested in hearing the answer in a less serious way, then read on. (actually it’s quite serious)

What is Christianity?

Let’s start from the beginning. God created the heavens, the earth, and man. The 1st man & woman on earth were called Adam and Eve. He created them in His own image, which does not mean that God has a body of flesh and bones, but means we are in the likeness of God’s character & rationality. Basically means we have a mind to think, a heart to feel, & a will to decide.

But oh, Adam and Eve did not obey God. This is called sin (doing something which is contrary to the nature & will of God). So as a result of their sin, their children and all of us inherited a sinful nature. In other words, our offspring are not perfect in nature.  Think about it.  We don’t have to teach children to be selfish or how to lie.  They know how to do these things naturally.  This shows that we are born in a fallen state.

So God is obviously very angry with us! Why would He be pleased, looking at all our faults. God is perfect, and we are not. All of us now are under the righteous judgment of God because all people have sinned against God. And, “the wages of sin is death” (Ro 6:23). So we are, condemned to hell basically.

But, God loves us! Remember, He created us. If you created something, or put in a lot of effort to make something, won’t you be proud of it? Especially if it’s a life you created. You would want to take care of it. Same thing here with God.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. – John 3:16

This son is Jesus. Who died here on earth to cleanse our sins, that we can be with God.

While all other religions in the world teach that we must do some sort of good in cooperation with God in order to achieve the right to be in God’s presence, Christianity is the only religion that teaches salvation by grace.  This means that we are not made right before God by our efforts, sincerity, or works.  Instead, we are made right before God by faith in what Christ did on the cross.

Christianity further teaches that once a person is “born again” (becomes saved), that the Holy Spirit lives in that person; and the person is changed:  “Therefore if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.” (2 Cor. 5:17).  This means that God actually lives in the person, and the Christian then experiences a true and living relationship with God.

Therefore, “What is Christianity?” is best answered by saying that it is a relationship with the true and living God through the person of Jesus Christ by whom we are forgiven of our sins and escape the righteous judgment of God.

Yay and that’s the end of this love story! Actually, there are so many elements to it but I would say the main focus of Christianity is God’s love for us. That we can have a relationship with God. Hence the term “love story”. Heh.

Ok now I have to get back to my mountains of schoolwork to do. If my classmate knew I spent my time writing this, she would probably give me a lecture on poor time management and priorities. Haha.

Link: http://carm.org/what-is-christianity

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So this is an introductory post.

My name is Megan. I am from Singapore. I am a student. I have a job waiting for me in 3 years time.

Most important of all, I am a Christian. This means I follow Christ. I have only started to be serious in my faith since 6 Oct 2014. Amazed at the miracles God has let me experience. I hope this blog can be a place to share with you God’s work in this world. He does miraculous things through love.

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